Monday, 27 June 2016

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF50 Review

As we will all know, the Florida sun can be harsh and unforgiving. One of the biggest struggles that I have had when holidaying to Orlando, where beauty is concerned, is finding a facial sunscreen that sits well under makeup. I've had many people ask, why do I even bother with makeup in such hot weather. Well, because I like wearing makeup. The Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen ($19) was recommended to me by Florida locals so I made sure to pick it up in one of my Sephora orders. 

The squeeze tube packaging is simple and contains 71ml of product, enabling you to sqeeze out every smidge of sunscreen. Don't you just hate fancy packaging that wastes half of the product? The formula is lightweight, moisturizing and fast absorbing which makes it perfect for under makeup. Is isn't greasy at all, although I would recommend using a powder to set as liquid products can slide a little after a few hours. I found that my Tarte Powder Foundation held up amazingly and I had no trouble at all with it moving around during a long day in the Disney Parks. There is a slight "suncream" smell, but it isn't too noticeable and didn't put me off at all. You are meant to reapply after a few hours, as with any sunscreen, but lets be real, with a face full of makeup that isnt going to happen. Luckily, apart from a few touch ups on my nose, this lasted the whole day, and by whole day I mean a 14 hour Magic Kingdom day, and my face didn't burn at all. I'm a very pale ginger kid who burns instantly in the sun, so the fact that this lasted all day is a complete winner in my book. However, I don't encourage you to go without reapplying, this is just my experience. The only negative is that this product is only available (to us in the UK) from Sephora. But have no fear, Sephora do now ship to the UK and there is a new store that has opened in Disney Springs!

Pros: Fast absorbing, moisturizing, none-greasy, lightweight, long lasting, cruelty free, sits well under makeup.
Cons: A slight smell, hard to get hold of in the UK (only available from Sephora).

What is your favourite "under makeup" facial sunscreen?

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