Monday, 15 February 2016

Bistrot Chez Rémy | Vegan in Disneyland Paris

Rémy Menu: 1 Starter & 1 Main Course €29.99

Starter: Mixed leaf salad without cheese and without dressing.

 Main Course: Vegetable, tofu and white bean casserole without the sauce.

Eating Vegan is notoriously difficult in France, apparently its not really a "thing" there. So I was pretty nervous to whether I was going to be able to find something to eat during my recent Disneyland Paris trip. I've never really had a problem eating vegetarian there, so was hopeful that i could find something suitable. I am going to be doing another post on Quick Service/Counter Service options and my experience at Auberge De Cendrillion, but today's post is about a place I've wanted to eat at since it opened, Bistrot Chez Rémy. This a recent addition to Disneyland Paris, themed around the film Ratatouille in where you are "shrunk down" to the size of Rémy and his friends. As we visited Disneyland Paris during the off-peak season, it was easy enough to make a reservation on the same day, us opting to go for a late lunch. Upon being seated I told the hostess that I don't eat any meat, dairy or eggs, to which she then recommended the salad starter and Tofu and White Bean Casserole, both without the sauce. I knew I was going to go for this option anyway but it was lovely of her to reassure me that the dish can be made dairy-free. There are 4 different menus of "set meals" that you can choose, each varying in price and what dishes are served, to which I chose the Rémy Menu. This includes a starter and main course, and also happens to be the cheapest. With my annual pass we also got a free none-alcoholic "cocktail" as well as 10% off the bill. Not bad! I was concerned that without a sauce, the food was going to be a little dry but I had no need to worry, adding a little olive oil to the salad to make it just right. The main had no need for any such additions, being cooked to perfection and adequately moist. I thoroughly enjoyed the casserole, the only disappointing factor being when I finished eating it! Do note that portion sizes in Disneyland Paris are alot different to the American parks. They are a lot smaller, and as someone who is used to eating in Walt Disney World restaurants, I did kind of wish I had more food on my plate or some sort of side. 
The service at Bistrot Chez Rémy was great, our server being friendly and attentive. There was a bit of a language barrier when my friend Daniel tried asking did the cheese have meat rennet in it, the server didn't really understand what we were trying to say (which is fair enough), so he just went without cheese just to be safe. I would be wary with having cheese in France if you're vegetarian, as french cheese can be made with meat products.

Overall I really enjoyed the meal and would totally recommend it to anyone, not only those looking for a Vegan option. It's a great atmosphere (if not a little bit of a squeeze, tables seem to sit much closer together in Disneyland Paris restaurants than I'm used too), amazing decor, lovely service and delicious food.

Have you eaten at Bistrot Chez Rémy?


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