Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Disneyland Paris at Christmas

This November saw me take my third and final Disney trip of the year with my mum, for her birthday. Not only was it my first time in a Disney Park during the Christmas season, but it was also my mums first visit to Disneyland Paris and the trip where I finally became an Annual Pass Holder. I have really fallen in love with Disneyland Paris this year, its got its own unique charm while being a lot more accessible (and cheaper!) than Walt Disney World. During this trip we met ALOT of characters in the three days, a total of 22, even meeting some multiple times in different outfits. My mum was loving life, with her little autograph book, giving characters hugs and kisses. We were perfectly happy ditching some of the bigger rides for casual strolls through the arcades and multiple viewings of the parades. Disney at Christmas time is breathtaking and perfect for getting you into the festive spirit. We also did the Inventions Brunch for the first time, and while expensive, the character interaction was fabulous (12 characters!), the food amazing and the deserts even better.

I am going back to Disneyland Paris in February with my best friend and am so excited to be staying at the Sequoia Lodge. I feel like I can chill out more at Disneyland Paris as I have done most things before and know I will be back again soon. Heck, I'm even looking into booking another trip with my mum in Spring and a trip in summer for my birthday with my boyfriend. Time to get saving!

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? Have you visited a Disney Park during the Christmas season?



  1. Love your photos, the one with Donald is just adorable :)
    I've also gained an appreciation for DLP this year, think becoming an AP holder too has helped and like you say being able to go more often gives you time to just stroll around slowly and enjoy the park and characters more than rushing from ride to ride to make sure you do it all.
    I'm jealous of all the characters you got to meet on this trip, I've told myself its what I will concentrate on next time I'm there but its difficult when I'm stuck going with people who don't enjoy doing that, a Disney blogger trip is needed!

    Moments with Belle

  2. I've been to Disneyland during most times of the year but never at Christmas time. It's definitely on my list of things to do someday.

  3. yay great pictures thanks for sharing! Also awesome that you have a pass now! I have one to Walt Disney World and its funny how different they are! Yours has your picture on it and everything! That's cool. Ours is so different!

  4. Omg I adore the photo with Donald. Love the idea of going with your mum! I'd love to go with mine! x


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