Monday, 8 June 2015

10 Walt Disney World Moments to give you Chills


Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but there are certain moment during a trip which never fail to send a shiver up my spine and cause a flutter of my heart.

10. Character parade interaction
When characters interact with me during the parades; waving back, blowing kisses and just making the whole experience that little bit extra special.

9. Being called princess
No matter how old I get, being called princess by cast members actually makes me giddy. On the outside i give a shy smile, on the inside I'm going “yes gosh darnit I AM a freaking princess!!!”.

8. Rock n Rollercoaster blast off
Stepping into the launch room for the first time and seeing the cars shoot off as well as the countdown always gives me goosebumps and always makes me slightly nervous, no matter how many times I ride it. That 0-60 is scary alright!

7. The lights flicking off and the music starting before Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade
When the lights suddenly go off and that “dudududuuuu” starts I always squeal a little bit. There's just something about that moment which brings back so many memories.

6. Festival of the Lion King
Need I even say anything for this? Its one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen in a Disney park. The singing, the choreography, the acrobatics, just everything comes together perfectly to create a truly electric atmosphere.

5. Dream Along with Mickey
There is one specific moment during the castle show which chokes me up every single time. “Gosh Minnie, you’ll always be a princess to me” actually makes me so emotional and most definitely causes a shiver to run up my spine.

4. The first steps into Magic Kingdom & the first glimpse of Cinderella’s Castle
Those first steps into Magic Kingdom at the beginning of a Disney trip are just filled with promise and the first glimpse of the castle, whether its from the monorail, the boat or on main street itself, never fail to make me giddy with excitement.


3. Fantasmic
*slow clap” Imaginatiooooooon….. I always have a big grin on my face when everybody's favourite mouse appears on the stage and starts his dance (of which I always join in with). Those sparkler firework things as well make me want to laugh and cheer. Additionally, when the boat comes out with all the characters on I’m actually like YES YES YES!! Of course I cannot forget “some imagination huh?”

2. Wishes
A beautiful firework display lighting the skies above Cinderella’s Castle every night with the most magical soundtrack and familiar host, Jiminy Cricket. This is the ultimate night-time spectacular and never fails to give me chills.


1. Celebrate the Magic
As much as I adore Wishes, there is something about Celebrate the Magic which just moves me. Maybe its the fact that we actually have the characters projected right there infront of us, coupled with the most amazing music. “Celebrate a world filled with magic, just wish upon a star, that shines so bright”. I’m a mess by the time we get the Walt projection. “I only hope we never loose sight of one thing… that it was all started by a mouse”.

What Walt Disney World moments never fail to give you chills?


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  1. I cry during fantasmic every.time. Can't wait till I go with Amy in 2016!

    Kariss x

  2. Oh Fantasmic <3 forever bringing me to tears with just the opening bits of music! Would agree with all of these to be honest but it's arguable that every moment at Disney takes my breath away! It's a less obvious one but I love getting on Dumbo and just surveying ML below me, and really appreciating where I am! Xx


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