Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Maple and Whisky Disney Scented Candles

maple and whisky candles review butterbeer main street bakery adventure is out there

Recently I’ve become a little obsessed with handmade/independent sellers, especially those who create beautiful items inspired by Disney. Maple and Whisky are no exception. Based in the UK, they create soywax candles inspired by the Orlando parks, both Disney and Universal. After seeing a buzz about them on Instagram, I knew i just had to pick up a few for myself. Main Street Bakery is cinnamon scented and reminiscent of the iconic Cinnamon Rolls that used to be sold in what is now a Starbucks (they can now be found in Gaston's Tavern), on Main Street USA. Butterbeer is, of course, a tribute to the famous ‘Harry Potter’ beverage and smells like sweet butterscotch (although the candle definitely smells better than the real thing tastes). My favourite of the bunch, Adventure Is Out There, is inspired by Disney Pixar film UP and has a grape scent that actually makes my mouth water, it’s delectable! Unlike many other candle brands I have tried in the past, Maple and Whisky products burn very cleanly with beautiful scents that last for hours. I got the 8oz sizes which will burn for about 60 hours, and so far, this statement is looking to be true, having had loads of use out of them over the past few weeks.

The 8oz jars will set you back about £8 each, which can seem a little pricey for a candle (to me anyway) but considering they are handmade, look cute and are freaking Disney/Universal inspired, they are 100% worth it. Maple and Whisky also have a 12oz size jar, wax melts and tea lights available at prices ranging from £4-£12. You can purchase your own candles from their Etsy store here (currently they are closed for 2 weeks due to the owner being in Florida)! I’m really looking forward to trying some more of their candles in the future and really hope they expand the range even more. Here’s hoping for a popcorn scented one! Yum!

Have you ever tried a Maple and Whisky candle? What is your favourite Disney scent?


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  1. Can just imagine these being amazing!!

  2. Oh my god I've been wanting Disney inspired candles for ages but couldn't find any in the UK, I'm going to be all over these, thank you!

    Kariss xx

  3. Very intrigued by the Butterbeer candle! Sounds like you don't like the taste either!

  4. I love these! I want one so badly but I have too many candles to warrant buying another without using up some first.

  5. I love these! I want one so badly but I have too many candles to warrant buying another without using up some first.


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