Friday, 10 April 2015

A Disney Stationary Obsession

disney stationary a

I love me some stationary. Pair it with Disney and you get one overexcited 23 year old. Everything from pens to post-it notes, if I spot it, its going in the basket. A few of the pieces I with to share with you today are fairly recent buys, so should still be available. First up are these amazing Mickey Mouse highlighters from Topshop. Do I have any use for highlighters? Not at all, yet I still purposely made an order with the sole intention of getting them. Having a free shipping event didn't really help the matter… Next up is the selection of Mickey Mouse bits from Primark. There are a few different sets in store at the moment ranging from £1.50 - £3, bargain! My Donald Duck pen was a result of my recent Disneyland Paris trip and the Minnie Mouse notebook was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas, tis perfect for all my bloggy scribbles. You’ve all seen my rave post about my Moleskine diary, its a perfect pocket sized diary to keep track of my shifts at work and important dates with added Disney magic. Finally is the Disney Villains post-it note set which I got from the Disney Store about 2 years ago when they had the designer villains collection out. Villains are my thing so this sits proudly on my desk, although I don't really have any use for post-it notes since finishing university.

I do have many more Disney stationary bits including a ridiculous amount of notebooks, half of them of which I am scared to use as they are so pretty and totally just sit on my shelf as decoration. Do you get ridiculously excited over stationary?


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  1. Love disney stationery!!!

  2. I just love that Villain set. So pretty <3
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

  3. What's better than stationary? DISNEY STATIONARY!
    Rachel Coco

  4. The diary is sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing! - a mobile beauty therapy service


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