Monday, 2 February 2015

Hot Topic Disney Haul

hot topic disney haul

hot topic disney haul 3

hot topic disney haul 2

hot topic disney haul 4

hot topic disney haul 5

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Jumper ($27.60)
Alice In Wonderland We're All Mad Top ($19.60)
Sleeping Beauty Hobo Bag ($15.60)
Alice in Wonderland Dress ($24.99 $1 on sale)
Tangled Silhouette Skater Dress ($24.99)
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Tank Top ($16.40)

Hot Topic is probably one of my favourite clothing stores ever. Unfortunately, shipping to the UK is ridiculously expensive (think 60 dollars) plus added customs fees, making it none justifiable to me. A few weeks ago they had a deal on which gave half price international shipping plus 20% off the whole site, so me and my friend Rachael decided to place a joint order, splitting the shipping cost. I’ve always known Hot Topic as being an alternative clothing store in the states, but more recently it has started to do a host of pop culture themed clothing, accessories, collectibles and even homeware. More notably, there are Disney items galore, causing me to always fill up a basket then X the page due to the shipping. Clothing prices are actually pretty reasonable, especially with the pounds to dollars exchange rate, and the quality is great! I really just wish they sorted out something to make UK shipping & customs more reasonable, as we ended up paying £37 customs and $30(ish) customs. I’d be ordering from Hot Topic constantly otherwise!

Have you ever bought anything from Hot Topic?


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  1. Some awesome pieces! I'm so jealous. Lol. I know what you mean about customs. It's ridiculous. I've wanted to order loads from the U.S. but sometimes the charges are just too high :/
    Enjoy Paris disneyland. I loved it when I went and bonus, I got my pic with Pluto! :D

    Bex x

  2. well I live in the US and I am obsessed with all the disney stuff they sell. I want EVERYTHING. I've already spent way too mcuh money. Luckily most of the clothes don't fit me so I can avoid spending that money. But so many collectibles and jewelry etc!


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