Sunday, 4 January 2015

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Me and my boyfriend Craig are huge Harry Potter fans. I think our generation connects with it more than any other, as we grew up with it and almost feel like we went on the journey with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Its probably my second favourite fandom (behind Disney of course) and I’m very protective over it. Its serious business! I’m a proud Slytherin while my boyfriend is a know-it-all Ravenclaw, and we take our house loyalty seriously, haha! Its a little surprising then, to know that this December is the first time either of us have been to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. I bought Craig a gift ticket last December for his birthday and we have only just gotten around to using it. To say we were excited is an understatement. While the books will always hold my heart, I do really enjoy the films so having a peek into how they were made, the props, the costumes, everything, was fascinating. As it was Craig's birthday treat, he got a ‘Happy Birthday’ badge and to open the doors into the great hall, which put a big smile on both of our faces. Being December, some of the ‘scenes’ were also decked out in a Christmas theme, with trees and decorations lining the great hall while snow adorned the roof of the big Hogwarts model. It was a truly magical day and worth the long trip down to London. Of course, no trip could be complete without stopping by the gift shop. I bought some Slytherin gloves and an edible dark mark while Craig bought a Hogwarts crest glass tumbler, some fizzing whizbees and a chocolate frog. Nox.

Have you ever been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour? What was your favourite part of the tour?


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  1. Lovely pictures, sounds like such a good trip :)


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