Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LUSH Sex Bomb Review

lush bath sex bomb

lush bath sex bomb 2a

I used to be a pretty big LUSH fan back in the day, but over the past year I’ve just not really had time to indulge, much preferring to jump in and out of the shower as quickly as possible. This past week, I decided to treat myself and use up the last piece of my LUSH stock, a bold move as I’m currently on a spending ban therefore will not be purchasing anything more for a good while. Sex Bomb is one of LUSH’s most popular products and when dropped into the bath creates a girly explosion. Not only does the bomb itself look incredibly feminine, it also turns the water pink and fills the bathroom with the deliciously sweet floral scent of Jasmine. With added Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, this soothing blend is perfect for those times when you need to kick back and relax. One of the things I’m always nervous about with products like this, is if they leave a greasy residue on my skin. I'm happy to say that with Sex Bomb, this was not the case, it leaving my skin feeling moisturised and smooth.

In all honestly I don’t purchase bath bombs very often as they are pricey for only one use, I much prefer the bubble bars, as they can last me up to 6 baths. As a gift, they are a lovely treat, but for myself, I’d much rather spend my money on something which lasts a little longer and well, I just prefer bubbles. You can pick this Bath Bomb up from any LUSH store or online for £3.35.
What's your favourite LUSH Bath Bomb?


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  1. I love their bath bombs!! I don't mind splurging and buying these. I actually combine this and a bubble bar most times to get the most out of a bath since I rarely ever take one! I do have to say this isn't my favorite scent.

  2. It sure looks pretty and girly. I have not tried any bath bombs yet, as I just recently got a bath tub. And I'm also on a spending ban. So I'm going to have to wait for now.

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