Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Disney’s Fantasia by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Disney’s Fantasia by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

My love of Disney Classic Fantasia is no secret, even more so with the influence it has upon Walt Disney World show Fantasmic, so when my boyfriend’s mum got us tickets to see it in concert by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra it was all I could talk about. While we do go to the theatre every now and again, I had never experienced anything like this in the past. With no idea what to expect, we headed to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on the evening of January 3rd for an evening of magic and wonder. While the venue wasn't the most glamorous, the ladies and gentlemen of the orchestra did a beautiful job of retelling the thrilling stories of Fantasia. With extracts from both the original 1940s version and more recent Fantasia 2000. I was entranced with some of my favourite numbers including Beethoven’s The Pastoral Symphony, The Nutcracker Suite and of course, the most wonderful of all, The Sorcerers Apprentice. We also cant forget the delightful ballet dancing Ostriches, Hippos, Elephants and Alligators of the Dance of the Hours. Although I was gutted Chernabog didn't make an appearance, the new additions from Fantasia 2000 more than made up for it, especially the powerful Firebird Suite, which caused most of the crowd to jump and the Orchestra members to giggle when the loud Boom of the drums hailed the waking of the Firebird spirit. Apart from a few out of sync moments at the beginning of the performance with the film clips that were being played overhead, the music was perfectly in time. I found the orchestra absolutely fascinating to watch and marvelled at the diverse range of musicians, while listening in wonderment to how each individual became part of the overall sound.

In all it was a wonderful evening that has made me even more appreciative of classical music and the musicians who play it while also reminding me of my love of the art Walt Disney and his animators created.
Have you ever been to a performance like this? Do you play an instrument?


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