Friday, 9 January 2015

Disney Cafe by Harrods

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At the beginning of December, me and Craig went down to London to visit the Harry Potter studio tour, so before we headed to our hotel in Watford, we planned to stop by the Disney Cafe for some tea. I’d heard alot about it and was dying to go myself, just to experience it really. Little did I know, Harrods does not allow large bags into the store (we had a tiny suitcase), which meant we had to pay £10 to store our bag. I was not impressed in the slightest. I even tried to argue a little with the guy, to which he said its redeemable against transactions of £50 in store. I didn't want to buy anything! I only wanted to visit the cafe! As we had gone all the way there and i was really looking forward to it, we did begrudgingly pay the £10 but I was actually livid about it. £5 would have been fair enough, but £10 is ridiculous! Way to take advantage Harrods, you money grabbing fiends.

Negativity out of the way, the Disney Cafe itself was lovely. Pricey, but we expected that, having looked at the menu beforehand. The theming was beautiful, with the show being stolen by the ‘Peter Pan Big Ben’ clock in the center while other scenes, such as Cars, were dotted around. Even the dishes had Mickey Mouse on (are these available to buy anywhere? I love them!) Our server was lovely and very attentive, even giving us paper Christmas Mickey hats to wear. We ended up ordering a pot of tea, a Ham and Cheese Crepe for Craig, a Jacket Potato with beans for me and a side of chips. The portion may seem tiny for what it cost, but I was so stuffed that I couldn't finish off the chips. My jacket potato was actually delicious and the beans have to be the best baked beans I have ever tasted. The food came to about £29 with a 12% service charge, so its more of a one-time novelty thing for us. I did really enjoy it though and am so happy that I went.

Have you ever been to the Disney Cafe?


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  1. This would be my favourite place ever! Looks so cool x
    Shame about the bag storage

  2. ahh that's beautiful! Good to know about as I am obsessed with Peter Pan most and would love to see that in person one day.


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