Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthener Review

sally hansen hard as nails

For years I have suffered with weak nails, they are so bendy and split at the corners constantly. After a friend of mine recommended Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, I picked up the advanced formula from Bodycare. The Nylon formula claims to help strengthen and protect nails against chipping, splitting and breaking while protecting against daily hazards. While using this my nails do feel stronger, although it hasn't made much difference to the long term condition. I generally use this as a base/top coat, and while I haven't noticed it making my nail polish last considerably longer, I can really tell that it worked to stop my nails from bending and breaking off. I do like it but I doubt I would repurchase in future as I’m trying my best to only buy cruelty free products, as difficult as it is to distinguish between brands, I’m trying my best! Although if this was cruelty free, i would probably buy it again.

Pros: Clear formula, dries fast, stops breakage, stops nails from bending, can double up as a top/base coat, affordable.
Cons: Smells really bad, can chip off if you use too many coats, not cruelty free.

What’s your favourite nail treatment?


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