Monday, 7 April 2014

My Beauty Bad Habits

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We all have bad habits, especially when it comes to beauty. I am totally guilty of committing some of the most common, I know its naughty but I just cant help it! Although, I’m proud so say that not removing my makeup at night isn’t one of them. I’m pretty dedicated to doing that *airpunch*.

Not washing my makeup brushes often enough has to be at the top of the list. I hate admitting how long it is since my brushes had their last wash…let’s just say it falls closers to months rather than weeks. I know I should set some time aside every Sunday for brush laundry, I just don't! To be fair, I do tend to wash my Real Techniques Stipple and Real Techniques Powder brushes more than any other… not often enough though… but I'm trying to make myself feel less guilty over here!

Removing chipped nail polish is another thing I fail at. Recently, more often than not when I apply nail polish I will just leave it for weeks, letting it chip off of its own accord. That’s probably down to my own laziness. Heck, not looking after my nails in general is a bad habit of mine. It’s rare that I will clip, file or moisturise my cuticles. Oops.

Eyebrows are another thing I should get on the ball with, as I hate messy brows. Although, I always seem to find myself waiting until they have grown out into one big mess, before I go and get them threaded. Luckily they are quite fair so you cant really tell too much but its something that really frustrates me but I just never get them done on time!

Not using body moisturiser has been a lifelong struggle let me tell you. I only use it on my legs after shaving, and I only need to do that every week (I love being blessed with fair slow growing body hair). It’s just so much faffing around. Sure I go through phases or if i have an important occasion coming up I will, but on a day to day basis I just cant be bothered with the hassle. Forever a lazy person.

What are your Beauty Bad Habits?


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  1. hehe i am the same with my brushes and eyebrows, i really need to go get mine done i just suck at doing them myself and i dunno feels more like a pamper when i have them done. Might just do that and get my nails done and actually have a few hours to myself soon hehe.

    I also tend to be a royal pain in the butt with keeping my makeup arranged but honestly that is not my fault 100% we just do not have the storage set up right now so there in a stand so that is a uh oh moment lol

  2. I'm the same for body moisturiser [and facial moisturiser for that matter], but I hardly ever do a proper full double cleanse at night. Usually its more like micellar water/makeup remover then toner then sleep. Oops.And I keep makeup too long, especially mascaras. I don't like to throw them out unless they're finished!'


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