Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist Review

mua pro base fixing mist review

Ever since I started to use setting sprays a few years ago, I haven't been able to go without that last step in my face-makeup routine. I feel unfinished without having some sort of spritz, whether that be with a thermal water, setting spray or toner. I like having that last bit of moisture to help my foundation and powder to settle. MUA’s Fixing Spray caught my eye while browsing Superdrug last month, having already ran out of my Urban Decay Setting Spray and this being rather cheap, I popped it in my basket. It claims to keep makeup in place all day, protecting against cold, humid and windy conditions while keeping skin hydrated. The mist is a good consistency, not too fine yet not heavy while the scent of the spray is only faint. The main different with this as compared to Urban Decays spray is that this takes a little longer to dry. One dry it isn't sticky and leaves the skin looking slightly dewy, although personally I always pop a bit of powder over the top as I prefer a matte finish.

So does it work? When I don't use a setting spray, foundation on my chin does tend to slide around a bit so I am happy to report that the MUA Fixing Spray stops that. If anything, it makes my makeup look better as the day goes on by hydrating dry patches. As I commute to university and my teaching placement, I have long days, so getting home after 12 hours to still fresh looking makeup is amazing! At £5 for 60 ml, it’s half the price of Urban Decay’s offering while being able to offer pretty much the same thing.

Pros: Helps makeup last all day, hydrates, cheap, easily available, good mist consistency.
Cons: A very slight scent, takes a bit longer to dry.

You can pick up MUA’s Pro-Base Fixing Spray from Superdrug or the MUA website.
What's your favourite setting spray? Have you ever tried MUA’s offering?



  1. I've got sample sizes of UD DeSlick and All Nighter and I'm enjoying them a fair amount. However, this looks like a great dupe for a nicer price. Too bad I don't live in the UK! Thanks for the review (: x

  2. I love MUA's Fixing Spray I've been using it for around a year now and absolutely love it, it last's for ages as well I use it daily and I'm only on my second or third bottle! Jess xx

  3. This sounds fantastic, maybe I should grab one to try


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