Monday, 24 March 2014

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Colour

anna sui minnie mouse nail polish 2

anna sui minnie mouse nail polish review

anna sui minnie mouse nail polish

anna sui minnie mouse nail polish 002 review

anna sui minnie mouse nail polish 001

The Limited Edition Anna Sui Minnie Mouse collection has been on my radar for some time. Alas, it was super expensive and I just couldn’t justify purchasing anything. The other week though, I spotted it all at a discounted price (plus a 20% off event) on ASOS so knew I had to pick something up. I decided to get two of the nail polishes in shades 001 (Silver) and 002 (White). They were the only shades left but the beautiful packaging really sealed the deal for me. Discounted from £15 to £7.50 they look luxurious and apply amazingly, although they don’t really last as long as I had hoped. With a base and top coat 002 white lasted barely a day while 001 silver was pushing two before tip wear started to make an appearance. Nail polish never really lasts long on my nails, but I would have expected them to be lasting 3 days from the price. I don’t think that i will be getting much wear out of the White, it’s quite sheer and not really my kind of colour, but I do love the Silver. I can see myself using it a lot in combination with other shades. Another thing I noticed is that the nail polish smell with these, is particularly strong as compared to other brands, especially high end ones. Overall I am glad I managed to pick them up discounted, especially as they are Limited Edition, as I expect I would have been quite disappointed had i paid full price. The redeeming factor is most definitely the packaging. I can’t get over how stunning it is and these will certainly be displayed on my Disney shelf rather than tucked away in my nail polish drawers.

Pros: Beautiful packaging, applies evenly, nice shaped brush, Silver is a stunning glitter.
Cons: Expensive at full price, White only lasts upto a day on me, strong smell, limited availability.

These shades are still available (as of March 2014) on the ASOS website as well as some other pieces in the collection.
Have you tried any of the Anna Sui makeup range? What do you think of the Minnie Mouse collection?


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