Monday, 3 February 2014

Etude House XOXO Minnie Mouse Collection Nail Polish Review

minnie mouse nail polish etude house review

minnie mouse nail polish etude house

I have a major weakness when it comes to Disney themed makeup. The Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection was no exception. After eyeing them up for a few days I finally decided on getting the pink glitter with white mickey heads and the pink, black and white glitter with black mickey heads. Unfortunately, there was a mix up and the ebay seller I got them from sent me the silver ribbon shade instead. Luckily it was quickly resolved and they sent out the correct polish instantly. There are six choices in the range although none of them seem to have proper names, or at least ones that are in English. From what I can gather the shades I have are translated too ‘Minnie Silver Ribbon’, ‘Mickey White Face’ and ‘Mickey Black Face’, which sound rather inappropriate. I guess translations may be the culprit to that one. The packaging is pretty adorable, the lids being covered in little Mickey heads while the clearly visible sparkle inside makes the glitter lover in me squee with delight.

minnie mouse nail polish etude house review swatches 4

minnie mouse nail polish etude house review swatches 2

minnie mouse nail polish etude house review swatches 3

Unfortunately I have to say that I am rather disappointed with the performance of these polishes. The larger pieces of glitter, such as the mickey heads, don’t adhere properly to the nail while being rather hard to fish out from the bottle. They require a little bit of fiddling with to position in the desired place and flake off quicker than I would have expected too. These are not a daily wear kinda deal, although I think they would be perfect for a special occasion or night out for that little touch of Disney (at the risk of becoming abit tacky). I don’t regret buying them as they were a cheap addition to my Disney Makeup collection at £3.28 each with free shipping and I will probably get a little use out of them.

Pros: Cheap, pretty packaging.
Cons: Hard to apply to the nails, glitter pieces do no stick properly, flakes off quickly, dodgy names, can only buy online.

You can buy these nail polishes here along with the rest of the collection, which I am eyeing up as I’ve heard good things about the blush & highlighter.
Do you have any of the pieces from the XOXO Minnie Mouse Collection?


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  1. I didn't have a problem with application of mine at all - obviously you have to fish but other than that they were pretty good. The highlighter is well worth it though!

  2. Nice review, these polishes are adorable.

  3. Oh my goodness- I love it! The butterfly polish is so pretty! You have such an amazing blog and your photos are stunning! I really need a better camera! Great review and I look forward to exploring your blog some more :D
    Newest follower via gfc and bloglovin'! Have a lovely week!

  4. So cute! I want!


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