Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Brand Spotlight: Urban Decay

urban decay

Urban Decay is one of those brands that I will always browse the counter of when I am in Debenhams. I adore everything about the brand from their ‘beauty with an edge’ motto to their cruelty free status. They encourage individuality and urge you to express it through their stunning range of eyeshadows, award winning eyeliners and a host of other fantastic products. I first stumbled upon Urban Decay several years ago when desperately seeking a product that would make my eyeshadow stay put. That was the start of a beautiful relationship that is still blossoming to this day. I’ve tried many of their products over the years, but wish to share my absolute favourites with you today.

Primer Potion
This is something I simply cannot be without. It goes everywhere with me and I will forever repurchase, although a miniature always seems to find its way to me just before my previous one runs out! It keeps powder eyeshadows lasting the whole day without budging or creasing at all. I recommend this all the time to non-experienced makeup users and always get gushing reviews back.

The Naked Pallets
Need I even explain my love for the very popular Naked palettes? I use Naked 1 and Naked Basics nearly every single day, whether I’m wearing a neutral eye or a bright eye, I will 100% have used at least one shade. I tend not to use Naked 2 as much but am really interested in trying Naked 3 and more of the Naked extended collection.

Bright Eyeshadows
This is where my love-affair with Urban Decay became really intense. With all the hype around the Naked collection it seems their amazing brightly coloured eyeshadows have gone on abit of a back burner Not for me. They are by far the best none-indie brights I have ever tried. Buttery, pigmented and easy to blend, what's not to love?

24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils
Again, these are the best eyeliners I have ever tried. They literally do not budge and come in a whole host of colours. Oh how I wish I could have justified buying “The Vault”. Perversion is the blackest black I have ever seen from a pencil liner and the coloured versions are all equally pigmented.

Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour
Chunky lip pencils are my preferred type of lip product, so how could I not go for the brightest, most sparkly offering. They are super pigmented and really moisturising on the lips while also lasting a long time. Perfect! They come in a range of shades from bright to nude to suit all tastes.

Some other favourites include the Revolution lipsticks, which I adore the formula of, as well as the Good Karma Shadow Brush. A daily staple in my makeup routine is also the All Nighter Setting Spray, I kid you not, it seriously works in making my makeup last longer throughout the day. It was a saviour for me during my 10 weeks in the humid Florida weather.
I think future purchases will see me try more of the makeup brushes and the liquid eyeliners, as I’ve been dying to treat myself to them. Another thing I wish to note is how perfect the Urban Decay packaging is! Their products always look beautiful and well thought about. Although they are a high end brand, therefore can be pricey, I would happily continue to purchase their products due to the amazing quality and cruelty free status.

What are your favourite Urban Decay products? What would you most like to try?


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