Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beating Hearts Baby


new look black heart print shirt

There has been one item in particular that has stood out as a staple in my winter wardrobe this year. After seeing a few people rocking the burgundy heart print shirt from New Look I fell in love, opting to get the black and white version. You really can’t take the monochrome away from the girl…
The material feels gorgeous and the loose fitting makes it unbelievably comfortable. It’s casual yet I've still found it suitable for wearing to my teaching placement. It’s a great affordable dupe for the popular Burberry heart print shirt at only £17.99. A winner all around I’d say!

Diverging away from my wardrobe, the past week has flown by in the most unproductive manner. Well…when it comes to university work and blogging. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend while on Monday I headed off to Leeds to visit my Disney room-mate Hayley, Tuesday being spent in university. I now have a week off though, so expect extra posts to compensate for the ones I've missed! If only I could transfer some of that motivation to the 6000 word essay on curriculum theory that I have to do…


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  1. That song is now stuck in my head :P
    I love the shirt, good luck with the essay!


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