Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sugarpill Cosmetics Bulletproof Eyeshadow Review

sugarpill bulletproof eyeshadow review matte black

sugarpill bulletproof eyeshadow review matte black 2

sugarpill bulletproof eyeshadow review matte black swatch

We all know that I love abit of sugarpill and that they’re my go-to brand for a bright eye, so when I finally got my grabby hands on Bulletproof, a few weeks of dark/smokey eyes ensued. I’d been wanting to get my hands on this shade for a while, but every time I made an online order it was out of stock. A few weeks ago I spotted it in Cyberdog Manchester along with the Cold Chemistry Palette, so snapped it up in a jifyy. Firstly, as with all Sugarpill products, the packaging is lovely. Very sleek and sturdy with the cute brand logo stamped on top. Bulletproof is a true matte black, with no hint of any glitter, shimmer or a colour shift. It is extremely pigmented, soft without being too powdery and blendable . However, there is some fallout upon application so be wary of smearing it down the face. If used with a light hand, its a great choice for the outer crease to add definition and is absolutely perfect for a smokey or darker eye look. Bulletproof is without doubt, the best matte black I have ever used and will remain a staple in my collection for years to come. MAC Carbon, eat your heart out!

Pros: Pigmented, soft, blendable, lovely packaging, cruelty free, vegan, reasonable price.
Cons: Some fallout.

You can pick Bulletproof up from the Sugarpill website for $12 or love makeup for £8.50. It can also be found in any Cyberdog store. Next Sugarpill product on the wish list? Lumi come at me!

Have you tried sugarpill makeup? What's your favourite matte black eyeshadow?


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