Monday, 6 January 2014

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Eyeshadow Palette Review

sugarpill cold chemistry eyeshadow palette review

sugarpill cold chemistry eyeshadow palette review gothic

sugarpill cold chemistry eyeshadow palette review swatches

When it comes to bright eyeshadow, Sugarpill is my go-to brand. Their intensely pigmented colourful eyeshadows are second to none, so when they announced the release of a darker smokey palette, I knew it would end up in my collection at some point. Fast forward a few months and a cheeky browse in Cyberdog, resisting was never an option. If you’re familiar with previous palettes, the first thing noticed is that the packaging has changed considerably. Each shadow is placed side by side while the graphics are more edgier and gothic than the usual pretty pinks. Created in collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, designer of cult fashion and art brand A is for Arsenic London, this cool toned beauty packs tonne of sparkle without being too overpowering. But, let be honest here, there is Never too much sparkle!

Soot & Stars is a dark charcoal loaded with glitter that looks slightly holographic.
Diamond Eyes is shimmery white that just screams frost/ice.
Elemental Chaos is a deep violet shade with a pearl finish and glitter which also looks slightly holographic.
Subterranean is a forest green with pretty sparkles and a teal undertone which is made more obvious under certain lighting.

As expected, all four shadows are beautifully pigmented, although there is some glitter fallout which is unavoidable really. With smooth, buttery textures they blend perfectly and the longevity is spot on with three of them. I have seen slight creasing and fading on my lid as the day progresses with Elemental Chaos though (used over UDPP). It’s not that noticeable to be fair, but I'm used to eye shadow staying put all day. Overall it’s a lovely palette and I would 100% recommend everyone to try Sugarpill makeup if you haven't already.

Pros: Beautiful colours, pigmented, smooth blending, unique packaging,
Cons: Elemental Chaos doesn't last as long, some fallout.

Cold Chemistry is priced at $34 on Sugarpills website or £24.95 on Love Makeup. Alternatively you can pick it up in any Cyberdog UK store.

Have you tried Cold Chemistry? What’s your favourite Sugarpill palette?


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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous, but I tend to shy away from dark colours, with or without glitter! The actual look of the palette is stunning though, a lovely contribution to anyone's collection.

    S xo.

  2. Lovely swatches! I'm almost relieved to hear (not just from you, but you've confirmed it) that Elemental Chaos is the "worst" performer of the palette--it's the only non-vegan shade, so I only bought the other three in individuals! :) I really like Soots and Stars. It makes a loooovely smoky eye.


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