Sunday, 19 January 2014

DIY: Learning to use a Sewing Machine



If you saw my What I got for Christmas post last month, you will know that I got a sewing machine from my parents. A random but exciting present. I have never sewn or made anything in my life, but always loved the idea of DIY, particularly making home furnishings, clothing and cosplays (Disney princess ones of course). Todays post is basically going to be an overview of how I have started to learn the basics and showing you my first creation.

The machine manual shows how to wind the bobbins and thread the needle, but it only has the technicalities. I wanted to find a book which gave me some starter project ideas. After browsing amazon, I settled upon How To Use Your Sewing Machine: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners by Alison McNicol which contains some great tips for starting out. It has an outline of sewing kit essentials, a guide to fabrics, how to do various sewing bits, such as making a hem, plus a handful of starter projects with easy to follow instructions. After playing around with scrap bits of fabric, I decided that my first creation was going to be a pillowcase for my bed. I followed the instructions in the book, with a few adjustments to the size of the case, and ended up with a rather successful first attempt. Next, I hope to make some more home furnishings and begin on some clothing basics. Wish me luck!


On another note, I’m going to start adding a little section onto the end of my Sunday post from now on, to give you a little insight into my week. This could include books I'm reading, music I'm listening too and products I'm craving.

Mood: Sleepy. I’ve been back on the 6:30am starts this week and my sleeping pattern hasn’t quite caught on.
Beauty I'm loving: My skincare routine. I’ve been embracing the bare face this week due to my skincare working wonders.
Products I'm wanting: Revlon matte balms. I’m so excited for these to come out in the UK this month! The colours look beautiful.
Currently reading: The Divergence Series. This trilogy has become a current favourite and I’m already on the second instalment.
Most listened too: Frozen soundtrack. The film was beautiful and the soundtrack addictive. Let it goooo, let it goooo!
Excited for: Game of Thrones series 4. With the release of the trailer, I'm more excited than ever for my favourite series to return.

What have you been up to this week? Are you interested in DIY and sewing? What have you made recently or are planning to make?


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  1. I'd love a sewing machine to make cute things! Though I was rubbish in A Level textiles haha!
    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  2. Oh wow, I really need to learn to use a sewing machine for cosplays and such. Good luck with your crafting adventures!


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