Wednesday, 1 January 2014

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them <3

2013 overview

2013 was literally the best year of my life. I spent the summer in Walt Disney World working for the mouse. Not only was it the toughest thing I have ever had to do but it was the greatest experience of my life. Dreams really can come true. I met three of my best friends on the program who i still speak to every single day while my love/obsession for Disney was re-kindled 10fold. I was lucky enough to travel to LA and New York after my program, while also visiting Disneyland Resort California, an absolute dream come true. I graduated from University and started my PGCE which landed me teaching Photography at The Manchester College. All the while i had good times with my friends and grew even closer with my boyfriend.


I wasn't intending to do one of these posts but with the new year comes that standard need to make a fresh start. To want to do better and create goals which are rarely ever stuck to. But, what the heck, any excuse to write a list (I love list making!)

Travel. This summer has set a spark and a need to see the world. As much as I crave to re-visit Disney every year, I know i should set my sights elsewhere and explore, at least for now. Some of the main places I want to visit in the next couple of years are New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Rome and Iceland. Furthermore, I will be applying for Disney’s CRP program this year to which I am going to keep trying until I can work for the mouse again. I WILL be a Cast Member once more. I’m also considering a role as a cruise ship photographer, a hard but hopefully rewarding experience.

Get Crafty. In a bid to be more creative and also so save a bit of money, i want to undertake more DIY projects. Whether this is creating furnishings or making clothes, getting a sewing machine for Christmas has really gotten the creative juices flowing. Sticking to my photography is included with this and I hope to put my website online very soon.

Rebrand. As you can probably see I’ve rarely posted since being in America. I’ve just not been feeling it. I’ve half been tempted to pack in blogging all together. During December I took a step back and didn't pressure myself to post, its probably the best thing I could have done. I no longer feel a pressure to blog and create content. I’m never going to be dedicated enough to post every single day, but I'm also not going to kick myself over not posting. With the new year will hopefully come a new look. A new layout, more makeup looks and more posts inspired by the things which fuel my daily life.

Get Organized. Oh lordy, i am such an unorganized person, one of my main faults being time management. Whether it’s getting ready in the morning or doing assignments, I am terrible for procrastination and managing my time poorly. This year i am determined to put aside time and resources for tasks, no matter if it be blogging or keeping up to date with my uni work. Plus its an excuse to buy some cute stationary…ahem.

Did you have any life changing experiences in 2013? What are your goals for 2014?
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