Sunday, 8 December 2013

Golden Fairy Dust Christmas Nails


My damaged post-acrylic suffering nails have finally grown out just in time for this festive season and I plan to thoroughly make up for lost nail painting time. I'm apparently continuing on with my unintentional golden Christmas theme today in the form of a favourite seasonal combination! I love metallic tones at this time of year and whose going to say no to glitter really? Gold is a colour i only ever wear on my eyes or nails, I’m generally a silver kind of girl when it comes to the likes of jewellery etc. Come to think of it, i only ever really wear gold makeup around Christmas, apart from touches of my much loved Sugarpill Goldilux Chromalust as that is just happiness in a jar. Note to self; use more gold = pretty.

After my OPI Base Coat I painted on two layers of Disney’s Queen of Hearts, a gorgeous almost antique gold with flecks of glitter. Following was a generous coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, my all time favourite glitter nail polish. Just look at its holographic sparkle! It’s so satisfying sitting by a lit Christmas Tree waving my fingers back and forth to admire the pretty glitter. Warning: May pose a risk of looking a little bit silly haha. When organizing my makeup last month I found some Perfect 10 Nail Stickers which were long forgotten, so of course I had to add some cute little flowers to each nail. They may not look cliché Christmassy but they sure are pretty. To finish I used OPI Rapid-Dry Top Coat which made my nails work-ready in a jiffy.

What's your favourite Christmas nail combination? Are you a gold kinda girl?


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