Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Organize My Makeup With Me

ikea alex makeup storage organization lipstick

With makeup flowing over onto my desk and lipsticks making their home in the most random of places, new storage has been at the forefront of my mind. So when a trip to Ikea presented itself, I pretty much knew what I was going to get. Or did I? The Alex 9 draw units are the most popular choice for makeup storage these days and I had every intention on jumping on that bandwagon. At £90 they aren’t cheap, but they’re just so perfect don’t you agree? After some moments spent oohing and ahhing over the decision to get the 9 draw over the 5 draw I finally decided that i might as well splurge. That is until I reached bargain corner. There, in perfect condition, fully assembled for £40 was the Alex 5 draw. As someone who has been saving money for the whole of 2013, i couldn't say no really as it was £50 cheaper than what I was originally going to spend and with Christmas looming I couldn’t break the habit. Looking back now I probably should have gotten the 9 draw and kind of wish I had, but these are definitely a good investment and I can see them housing my teaching documents (I’m currently a trainee teacher) in the future if I upgrade. Plus they were already assembled! Anyone else hate putting together furniture as much as I do?

ikea alex makeup storageedit

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After fiddling around I’ve condensed my makeup into 4 draws (not including nail polish) with the bottom being used for general beauty products. I did not realise how much makeup I had and how much I rarely use so organizing it all has made rediscover some unloved products, always a good thing. I decided to bring you all with me when I started filling up the Alex by filming the process in an “Organize My Makeup With Me” style video. I personally love seeing how people store their products so I hope this post/video gives you some ideas and a little insight into my growing collection.

How do you organize your makeup?


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  1. I love your new setup! And I totally agree with you- assembling furniture is so tough. :)


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