Monday, 7 October 2013

Bath & Body Works Frosted Cupcake Scented Candle

bath and body works candle frosted cupcake 4

Transforming from a none-candle burner to one who constantly has one flickering away as I sit at my desk or read was a vastly accelerated process over this past year. Candles are a recent addition to my growing home essentials list, previously never really being one to splash my cash on their waxy goodness. Not long ago my mum gave me a Yankee candle tumbler in vanilla cupcake and I instantly fell in love. Hello my new mini obsession.

This summer I managed to pick up two of the much raved about Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles when I was in New York. Needless to say they’ve now become my favourites, I dread the day when their flames burn out. One of the scents I picked up was Frosted Cupcake, a deliciously sweet blend of fresh vanilla bean, sugar, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting. Almost good enough to eat while succeeding in dousing the upstairs of my house in its beautiful aroma. My favourite part? The value. With a price of $20 there is a regular (as in all the time) deal on which would give you two candles for $22. What a bargain! £50 on a Neom candle? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I can guarantee I will be picking up at least four of these next time I visit the states. Believe the raves guys!
Have you ever tried B&BW candles? What's your favourite scent?



  1. I have that same one but in tiny jar (my sister brought one from US). I really loved Twisted Peppermint (Christmas scent) and Hot Butter Rum (also Christmas scent).

  2. I have tried quite a few of their mini candles from which is a great site but they don't tend to sell as many candles as they used to - the love the 'autumn' scent x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. These are absolutely some of the best candles ever! I've never bought this scent but I've smelled it in the store and it is amazing! And they keep coming out with great new scents. They are definitely comparable to Yankee candles and they are almost always on sale so they are much less expensive.


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