Monday, 23 September 2013

Tarte Amused Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Review

tarte blush amused review packaging american makeup sephora

tarte blush amused review american makeup sephora

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers have been on my USA beauty wish list ever since I first started reading beauty blogs. Raved about by many, these beauties have been lusted after by us beauty fiends in the UK. Not available over here (except on ebay), long has the brand been on my radar. On my recent adventures in America I had to grab one. My biggest regret is that I only managed to get one Tarte product (money was a thing and Disney merchandise was calling okay!)

Amused is described as ‘Bright Pink’, a statement which can be quite intimidating to some. After abit of a swatching session and seeing that it can be blended out I took the plunge. The safe option for me would have been “Dollface”, but I have so many similar colours! I don’t have anything quite like Amused in my collection. Thankfully I am more than overjoyed with my choice. I would say it is more of a medium pink with cooler undertones, perfect for my skin. I can see myself getting alot of use out of this in winter where i prefer darker tones tones to my usual summery light pink/purples. Now it is pretty pigmented so I apply this lightly with an ELF stipple brush and build up the colour gradually. A few dabs will do the trick normally. Amused is soft to the touch and blends beautifully giving a noticeable natural glow to the face.

tarte blush amused review swatches

tarte blush amused review swatches 2

tarte blush amused review swatches 3

I wouldn't say the blush lasts for 12 hours, more like 8 before it starts to fade but that's still pretty impressive. Amused has now most definitely took the top spot of my favourite blusher and I will be looking to pick up a few most shades next time i visit the states (or get some spare money to get my American friends to send some over).

Pros: 15 different shades, applies beautifully, bendable, pigmented, unique packaging, long wearing.
Cons: Not available in the UK, a bit on the expensive side.

You can pick this up from Sephora for $26, a bit on the expensive side but I would happily pay this again. Fingers crossed that one day Tarte will heed the calls of the British and make the journey across the pond.

What's your favourite shade of Amazonia Clay Blush? What Tarte product would you most like to try?


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