Saturday, 28 September 2013

Autumn/Winter Wishlist 2013

autumn fall trend wishlist 2013

I love creating my own and reading other peoples wish lists at the start of the season! One because I'm really nosey and two because it gives me a good idea of what pieces I want to pick up for my wardrobe or what new makeup collections/trends are around. At the moment I have a bigger focus on fashion as, looking through my wardrobe, i hardly have any winter clothes! It’s got to the point were I've had my current pieces for so long that they’ve gotten old and tatty, not in the cool distressed way but in the horrid scruffy way.

Winter Coat
I seem to have a few coats, but no thick snuggly winter coats. I’m hoping to buy some kind of patterned cute duffle coat in the next few weeks. This one is from a brand called Hell Bunny and I've been eyeing this up for the past year!

Ikea Alex Drawers
After seeing my makeup overflow from my current storage I think it’s time to jump on the Ikea Alex bandwagon. I don't have that much makeup to fill it, but I think the deeper draws at the bottom will be perfect for all my products and nail polish, giving me more much needed space in my room.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
NARS has always been a brand I've been interested in but never actually took the plunge and bought from. After winning a contest for the Pierre Hardy collection, I got to try a blush and love it! This particular product i can see myself getting alot of use out of and have been eyeing up the shade Train Bleu, so this autumn may finally be the time when I splash my cash.

Shirts & Tops
Wanting to up my fashion game, I’ve been eyeing up a few cute shirts which are casual but classier than a t-shirt. This one is the Ivory Roll Sleeve Shirt from Dorothy Perkins and I think I've fell a little bit in love with it. I need to dress more formally for my PGCE placement so this is perfect for getting me used to more dressed up items, though being in art will give me a lot more freedom than other subjects.

I remember seeing a pair of black heeled brogues a few years ago and never being able to get them out of my mind. They’ve become somewhat of a trend recently so I’m lusting after them even more, seeing them all over the place and wishfully staring. They look cute with both trousers and skirts and can be used casually for formally. Perfect for my placement!

Burgundy/Dark Coloured Trousers
In winter I live in black skinny jeans. Unfortunately a few of my favourite pairs are now past saving, so it’s time to invest in some new! I hope to venture away from black and experiment with some burgundy and dark green.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick
After trying out a sample sized version of Catfight (seen here) I need more of these in my life. They’re matte, moisturising and last. What more would I ask for? My colours of choice are most definitely dark purples/berries.

Urban Decay Naked Basics
This has been out for a while but I've just never gotten around to purchasing it. I love my Naked palettes and think this travel friendly matte offering needs to get in my life.

What autumn trends are you looking forward to rocking? Have you got anything which I'm eyeing up and what do you think?



  1. Nice wishlist. I want that lipstick it's perfect for Fall.

  2. Great wishlist. I'm craving all things burgundy too for fall.
    Adela x


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