Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to the Sunshine State!

Hey guys! You may have been wondering where I have been recently, as blogging has been sparse. Well, i am currently in WALT DISNEY WORD! I’m working there for the summer, arriving on Monday 3rd June. It’s been a hectic whirlwind since arriving, but I thought I would do a little update here as I probably wont be so active this summer. I have tonnes of images for reviews and footage for videos, just no time to put it all together/write posts.


I had my traditions class yesterday which means I am now officially a Cast Member! That also means I'm now allowed into the parks. We went straight to Magic Kingdom last night to watch the parade and wishes while today me and my room-mate headed to Hollywood studios for Star Wars weekend. I begin my first day of training tomorrow, pretty exciting! If you want to keep up with my Disney adventures I would recommend keeping an eye on my Tumblr, Instagram or Disney Blog for pictures, updates and whatever else I'm up to.

I hope you forgive me for being a baddy beauty blogger but I hope you understand <3



I’ve also been vlogging out there so do check them out for daily shenanigans.

Have a magical day!



  1. This sounds like such an awesome job! x

  2. Congrats, you're finally there!! I hope it will be as nice as you dreamed it! xxx

  3. It looks and sounds like fun! Too bad there isn't a Disney World in my part of the world so that I can work there over the summer. >_< Have fun!! :D

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  5. You look so thrilled in the third picture lol :P


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