Monday, 20 May 2013

John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner Review

john fredia full repair deep conditioner

After been good for so long, I thought I would treat myself to some new hair care and skin care over the past few weeks. One of these treats was the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner. I was initially eyeing up a Lee Stafford treatment, but with this brand on 2 for £8, I couldn't pass up a bargain.

The packaging is professional but product can be a pain to get out. I get showers while at university, so scooping some out while trying not to get any water in can be abit of a hassle, but not a huge bother. The smell is very ‘clean’ and a little chemically, again not a huge bother for me but I know some hate that (my housemate has exclaimed many a time how she hates chemically smelling hair products). The formula itself is very thin, the instructions stating to use in place of a normal conditioner, which I ignore and just use as an extra. Now that all those technicalities are out of the way, does this product actually work? Yes and no.

john fredia full repair deep conditioner hair care

The Full Repair Deep Conditioner claims to repair the look and feel of over styled hair, reducing the risk of breakage, making it become silky and full. From the first use I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my rather damaged but half grown out locks. My hair feels lighter and smoother while looking more shinier than usual, for my natural regrowth at least. After using this every wash for 2 weeks my ends are still as dry as ever and looking very sorry for themselves. Unfortunately though, I don't think any product could salvage them and the offending blonde bits are getting the chop just before I head to Disney. I have noticed that my fine hair looks a lot fuller, always a bonus.

before and after
[A few weeks before – 2 weeks of use]

If you have severely damaged hair, I don't think this product would work for you in all honesty. But if you just need a little pick me up, this will certainly do the trick. Another thing I wish to mention is how long the product lasts. I’ve gone through around a third of the tub in 2 weeks. To be fair though, I guess this isn't meant to be used every wash like i have been doing. 1-2 times a week should make it last twice as long.

Pros: Makes hair smoother, adds volume, reasonably priced – often on offer, hair looks shiny.
Cons: Smells chemically, packaging is abit of a hassle, doesn't work on moderate to severe damage.

I think I would repurchase in the future but not straight away and probably only if it was on offer. I still want to try some other brands before I settle! You can pick John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner up in Boots or Superdrug for £6.29

What's your favourite deep conditioning treatment?




  1. My hair was really damaged after I bleached it, I tried this but I was quite disappointed I didn't think it helped much :(

    Jasmine |

    1. That sucks! It didn't work on my bleached hair either, only made the natural re-growth look better.


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