Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dainty Doll Blush #002 ‘My Girl’ Review

dainty doll my girl blush 002 swatch review

dainty doll my girl blush 002 swatch review haul

Everyone has jumped on the Dainty Doll band wagon since they disappeared from boots and appeared on Fragrance Direct for dirt cheap a couple of months ago. Whether this is the end of the line is yet uncertain, some rumours have been flying around of a re-brand but nothing has, for now, been confirmed. After resisting an online order, I stumbled across a few bits on a discounted makeup market stall in Southampton. I was primarily aiming for Sinful Colors nail polish, but what's 2 quid when I’ve been so good with spending recently right?

The shade I got was #002 My Girl, a gorgeous soft baby pink with just the right amount of shimmer to give that perfect glow to the skin. The packaging is sleek and expensive feeling with a handy little compact mirror. Staying power is brilliant. Some blushers don’t stick around all day for me, but this one does! More than once I have glanced in the mirror after a days university work to find the same glow adorning my cheeks. If anything the colour/effect only gets better over time! The pigmentation is lovely and application smooth, blending easily.

dainty doll my girl blush 002 swatch review haul pink


I’m pretty impressed with the quality of My Girl. The original price just really put me off buying anything from Dainty Doll though! I really want to purchase a cream blush and maybe another powder blush in the future, but we’ll see how my funds look in the next few weeks!
Overall I am made up with this bargain purchase. Upto now, this baby will get the honour of being the only blush to accompany me to the states for summer. You can purchase this shade and more online from Fragrance Direct for £2.

Pros: Good pigmentation, Beautiful application, Perfect colour, Sleek & Sturdy packaging, Bargain price (as it is now).
Cons: Original price was expensive, Can mostly only find online.

Have you tried anything from Dainty Doll? What's your favourite blush shade from them?




  1. This is really pretty! I heard that a lot of the DD stuff was reformulated a while back, so perhaps these are the original ones? I'm off the check out Frangrance Direct now anyway!

    1. Possibly! It's a beaut though for the price :D


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