Friday, 12 April 2013

All About Eyebrows: Define & Conquer

how to fill in sparse blonde eyebrows tutorial mua eyebrow pencil FOTD2

If trawling through makeup magazines/websites and seeing all those perfectly full, groomed eyebrows gives you major envy, I feel your pain. I have a love hate relationship with my eyebrows. They are naturally very blonde and sparse, to the point were they can become hard to see. Growing up, I never knew what to do with them. With no YouTube, no money to get them professionally done and no mothers advice I did many unspeakable things (including taking a box black hairdye to them and getting a little too enthusiastic with a razor). Eyebrows do amazing things to the face, enhancing your features and aiding with expression so it’s beyond me how I managed to go so long without really bothering. There are several methods you can use to tame and enhance. Waxing, threading and plucking are most common, each having slightly different benefits. My method of choice is threading. It’s quick, easy and gives more precise results than waxing as well as lasting a little longer. The only downside is that it does hurt a little more. Don’t worry though, after getting them threaded a few times the pain becomes practically none existent.


As for defining, the two main options are tinting and filling them in with makeup. I used to get my brows tinted but now days i prefer to just add a little bit of powder or use an eyebrow pencil. I think it’s difficult for us sparse brow haired people to add some definition without going overboard. Even shaping can be a nightmare. Keep reading to see how I tame and fill my eyebrows!

how to fill in sparse blonde eyebrows

Pre-Threading. You can’t really see on the image unfortunately but I do get alot of blonde regrowth above and below the bits of colour. I got my brows tinted a long time ago and the colour never really wore out. No complaints here haha! The blonde is generally too fine and light to pluck, I always end up missing bits so this method is just easiest to me.

how to fill in sparse blonde eyebrows tutorial

Post-Threading. You can see my brows are alot neater with no more fly away hairs. There is more of a shape. I get mine done at Superdrug for £5 and it lasts around a month and half. If you want something specific make sure you tell whoever is doing them, as some will just tidy up any rogue hairs.

how to fill in sparse blonde eyebrows tutorial MUA

Define. I generally fill in my brows with my MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde. Its probably a little too dark but it suits my hair colour. First I comb through to give an initial shape then I trace over with the pencil lightly applying colour with smaller “painting” motions.

how to fill in sparse blonde eyebrows tutorial mua eyebrow pencil

Brush & Blend. Next I comb through them with a small eyebrow brush (and comb) using upwards motions before sweeping to the side. This gives a more natural less “polished” look. Finally using a clear mascara or brow gel, I set the hairs so they won’t get messy throughout the day/night. Feel free to add concealer above and below to give a more defined edge.

Do you have any eyebrow horror stories? Do you prefer a bold or more natural brow?



  1. Haha, I took a razor to mine when I was younger too, didn't have the common sense to grab a pair of scissors for trimming xD

    Also coated them in my mums mascara thinking that's what it was for...she had fun getting that off of my face.

    Have you ever thought of getting HD brows? It's really good for people with lighter brows without being way harsh.

    1. I used to shave mine off when I was 17 and draw them on with liquid liner. Not a good look for me!
      HD Brows are just too expensive to be honest. I cant justify paying that every month when threading is a fiver.

    2. Same about the price, I've only ever had mine tinted and waxed once and even then it was only £10 (including the lash tint =P)

      Light brows does make adding funky colours soo much easier though

  2. I hate my eyebrows. I have no idea what to do with them, so I just brush them with some gel and leave them be, lol.

  3. I really need to invest in some brow gel or something, my eyebrows end up everywhere! I might try the Superdrug threading if it's only a fiver too

  4. Some people shave brows on purpose but I remember shaving off my bushy brows when I was 10 in some sort of rebellious statement! Oh dear. They are back and bushier than ever.

    Love your posts- following!


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