Friday, 19 April 2013

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts



IMG_9905edit IMG_9921edit

Tshirt: HBO Website
Trousers: Sohos
Shoes: New Look
Nail Polish: Barry M Lychee

Yes yes, I am a complete and utter clash failure. I snapped this quite a while ago before my Cinderella DisneyBound to test the lighting and thought I may as well share it with you! I'm shooting a photographic project next week to do with slogan/pop culture t-shirts but this one has to be my favourite. I’m a Song of Ice and Fire fanatic, the Lannisters being one of my favourites houses so was overjoyed when the boyfriend got me this t-shirt for Christmas.
The trousers I have had for years, reminiscent of my goth days. Although they are probably my most loved, most worn pair. I normally style them with a black tank top and creepers (as seen here) or some combat boots. Not to forget my (faux) leather jacket which gives that punky edge I adore. Quite a lazy day look photographed here, but the individual pieces are some of my wardrobe favourites.

Are you a GOT or Lannister fan?




  1. Game of Thrones is awesome. But your trousers are amazing!

  2. I am absolutely a GOT fan! I'm not watching the current season as we shut off our cable and I've only read one book but I have all of them on my Kindle and can't wait to get to them! It's one of my favorite genre of books and movies.


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