Wednesday, 27 March 2013

That’s What She Said: Vivo Baked Blush in Rosy

vivo baked blush rosy review swatch budget tesco uk makeup beauty

vivo baked blush rosy review swatch budget tesco uk makeup beauty 2

Having featured in many of my FOTD posts recently and getting a mention in my February Favourites, It’s about time I reviewed one of my current top blush picks. Vivo became available in Tesco a while ago, 2011 I believe, a budget makeup line offering a variety of baked products. I picked this up soon after the release but never really used it or looked at the brand again. I don’t think I've really heard much from the brand in general around the blogsphere since their initial release to be honest.

I started using this again after Christmas when trying to shop my stash and have seriously fallen in love with it. The shade is beautiful, a gorgeous deep pink with shimmer, though not too much so your face looks like a glitter bomb went off in it. Comparable to the MAC MSF’s, I seriously think Vivo is so underrated. The packaging is basic, a little bulky (as to be expected with baked products) but sturdy. Rosy has totally knocked Benefit Thrrrob out of my everyday makeup bag! The pigmentation is amazing but not so much that with one swipe you look like a clown and this lasts so much longer on my cheeks than Thrrrob.

vivo baked blush rosy review swatch budget tesco uk makeup beauty3

_DSC0107edit[6] _DSC0021edit[6]

The shade looks beautiful on my skintone, I just wish I would have started using it sooner! I am 100% going to pick more of these up next time I'm at Tesco. My beady little eyes are on the Bronzers and eyeshadow/blush palettes. At £4 for 8g of product, its a complete steal. You can pick Vivo up at Tesco or on their website (where there seems to be alot more choice).

Have you ever tried Vivo? What are your favourite products from them?



  1. This looks lovely :) Gonna need to check these out after the ban! I've heard their eyeshadow palettes are exactly the same (made by the same company) as MUA, but i'm not sure if its true, so check your stash before going and buying the palettes :)

  2. This looks SOOOO beautiful <3. Thanks for the review!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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