Monday, 11 March 2013

That’s What She Said: V05 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo


Hey guys! I have a quick ‘hair care’ review for you today in the form of V05’s Refresh me Quick Dry Shampoo. I don’t really use or buy dry shampoo often, and when I have it it’s saved for those busy weeks when I don’t have much time to wash my hair every other day. Seeing this on offer in Superdrug a few months ago though, I thought I may as well. The only other product of this nature I have tried is Batiste, and I gotta say I like this alot more! I hate having to brush through my hair tonnes to get rid of the white tint with Batiste, but Refresh me Quick only needs a quick sweep. It seems to last me longer as well. It’s perfect for a little pick me up. My hair used to get greasy pretty quickly (not so much these days) so dry shampoos really are great for that little boost in-between washes. There is no icky residue left over with this and it definitely gives my hair a more recently washed look and feel. However, I am not particularly loyal to a brand of Dry Shampoo so probably won’t purchase this unless it’s on offer again. Abit like my deodorants I guess, I just get the best deal.

You can pick this up for £3.59 (200ml) at Boots or Superdrug!
What is your favourite brand of dry shampoo? Or are you like me and not brand loyal?



  1. I've only tried Batiste but I think I need to try this now too x

  2. I've tried Batiste and the Superdrug own, which didn't work well for me. I'm not really loyal to anything haha, I do have several Batiste bottles to get through first though,


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