Friday, 8 March 2013

Real Techniques Stipple Brush Review

real techniques stipple brush

Hey guys! Today I have a long overdue review of the Real Techniques Stipple Brush. I got this quite a while ago, maybe a year or so? Can’t quite remember, but it’s been a member of my brush club for a long time anyway. I think I pretty much used this none stop for the months following its purchase. Not so much recently as I’ve fallen in love with my Sigma Round Top kabuki, but if i ever want a more sheer application of my foundation I always return to this beauty.

The hairs on this are alot shorter to your usual stipple brush but I’ve found they are so much better and really work the product into the skin, being flexible but not so much as to collapse on contact. Due to the smaller head it does take longer to buff product in, but I personally don’t find that too much of a problem, it really easily navigating any smaller areas. I really love the handle designs on all of the whole Real Techniques range bar one thing. I hate that the colours don’t all match! I like everything being even, the same. Hell I’m weirdly terrified of odd socks. Why oh why can’t they all be the same colour, or give us the option to have them the same colour. This won’t stop me from picking more up in the future mind you, it’s just more of an inconvenience. At £11.99 the price is a little steep for those on a budget, but compared to mac it’s amazing value! The sets are even better at £20.99 for 4 brushes. The only reason I haven't gotten a set yet is because I never really have the money at the right times.

real techniques stipple brush 2

I’m really looking forward to trying the buffing brush in the future but for now this has a lovely relationship with my lighter coverage foundations and a firm place in my makeup bag. You can pick this up at Boots or Online.

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques range? What do you think?


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  1. I LOVE the stippling brush, it's my favourite! :)
    I think the brushes are different colours to make it easy to distinguish between eye/face brushes?? Xo

  2. Apparently the buffing brush is amazing and that the eye brushes are phenomenal so I will have to check them out. The stippling brush looks fab for more runny (more liquidy?) foundations so thanks for the heads up! x


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