Saturday, 23 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader: Ways you can Follow Me!

So as many of us already know by now, google reader is going bye bye. So what does this mean? Well for one GFC will become practically useless. This gives me major sad panda face as I use google reader to follow all my favourite blogs but also have the majority of my own readers subscribed to me through GFC. I’ve now swapped over all my daily reads to BlogLovin’ but how can you keep up to date with my awesome self in the future? I am looking into some other feed platforms but for now here’s where I currently reside!

This is probably the most popular method for making sure all your most loved blogs don’t go walk about, and is pretty easy to import from Google Reader! If you haven’t already though, go and give me a follow over there *puppy dog eyes* pweese? This has the added bonus of being able to “like” a post you enjoyed and when reading takes you directly to the relevant blog. I always find myself browsing the different sections looking for a bedtime read. Free to sign up and connect your blog.


Abit of an obvious one! I always tweet when I’ve put up a new post as well as well as sharing goings on from my life, my photography and whatever else I feel like chirping about. Free to sign up.


She Said Beauty
Kind of a UK version of Beautylish but includes a blog feed, there is tonnes to do on here from comparing prices, reading reviews and checking ratings. Free to sign up and connect your blog.

she said beauty

Hello Cotton
Similar to BlogLovin with the added bonus of being able to comment on a post. Free to sign up and connect your blog.


I’m always online on my personal Facebook and as my page is linked to that I will instantly interact! Links to new posts are always announced as well as the occasional general status. I love that i can have albums with my favourite blog images too. Free to sign up.


Not strictly blog related but I now regularly post videos over on YouTube. I’m going to do alot of tutorials for FOTD look posts I do here as well as general beauty stuff. Free to sign up.


Other ways you can Follow Me
Google +


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  1. It's so annoying as we've all worked hard to gain our followers xx

    mac lipstick giveaway ;;


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