Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Cinderella DisneyBound Tale

IMG_9940edit IMG_9948edit

Dress: Romwe ($31.99)
Shoes: Matalan
Necklace: Present from a Friend
Bracelets: Matalan
Nails: Barry M Lychee

In a bid to do more style posts on my blog I’ve started taking more outfit pictures which will show you a little bit of my very mismatched fashion sense. Today’s posts is my Cinderella Disney Bound look for my university FMP (as well as a planned Florida outfit). Now the lighting is a little too bright as I didn't have time to bump down the exposure in camera RAW so imagine a more baby blue colour!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, DisneyBound is a blog which has become a worldwide inspiration for Disney dressing. Its Cosplaying without the costume. Modern day takes on the characters, parks and more. I’ve become a huge fan of it in the past few months and have been styling many outfits inspired by my favourite corporate giant.

This Cinderella inspired look plays on the well known blue dress she is always shown in on merchandise and in the parks. It’s a light, satin-like material which will be perfect for a hot summer. The shoes are simple flats covered in sparkly silver glitter. They’re not glass slippers, but the next best thing! For jewellery I kept it very simple, blue & silver bangles with a Cinderella's Carriage necklace. To finish, Nude nail polish and an optional taupe/beige handbag from Primark.


This a far-cry from my usual glad-rags but I’m really looking forward to cracking out this outfit while in the parks. I think in the future I am going to add my studded nude waist belt around the middle to give me a more defined waist.

Have you ever DisneyBounded before? What would be your favourite character to DisneyBound?


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  1. Can't say I've ever DisneyBounded, but I would probably pick Megara or try to do something from Bambi or Fantasia (two of my favourite Disney Films). Now I really want to try it!
    I love the outfit you picked out, it's perfect and dainty :)


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