Saturday, 9 February 2013

Re-Gen Oil - Treatment for Scars, Stretch Marks and Acne!

Re-Gen Oil Treatment serum skincare acne

Many of us battle with our skin on a daily basis weather from dryness, acne, redness or other things we see as imperfections. A few months ago I stumbled upon this product unused in my mums room. Originally bought for scars, she’d never really used it so of course I sneakily had off with it. Having been using Re-Gen Oil for a few months now, I thought it was about time I did a review as I’ve gone on about this so many times to my friends. It’s much like Bio-Oil (with very similar ingredients) but cheaper and you can also get this in a few other forms, such as a cream. I use 2-3 drops on my face before I go to bed of an evening, giving the product time to really sink in to the skin. I used to wear it during the day but switched to my Effaclar Duo for under makeup (which is surprisingly still going after 2 & half months)!

Did it work? I can honestly say I can see a difference when I use Re-Gen Oil. A few months back when I first started using it I saw blemishes and scarring disappear quicker while any dry patches I had become instantly moisturised. Only using a few drops at a time, it’s lasted months and I’ve still got loads left. Using Re-Gen Oil has really made me want to explore more brands and products which have the same properties, so let me know if you have any you would recommend. A little tip, try popping a couple of drops in your bath for some extra body TLC.

You can find this in Bodycare for around £4 or pick up Bio Oil in Boots for £13.49 for 125 ml.

Have you ever tried Bio Oil/Re-Gen Oil as an acne treatment? What’s your favourite facial oil?



  1. I use the Re-Gen cream, it works brilliantly as well, it's quite thick and really moisturising :) The oil sounds really interesting too, great review :) x

  2. hmmm. I think I'll have to try this, or maybe the real version of this since I don't think this is offered in the US.

  3. I use the Re-gen cream for blemish marks on my face :) I seriously love it and leaves my skin so soft! I tried Bio-oil on my face once to see if it would reduce blemish marks, but it broke me out so bad, so I just use it on my body now. But when that runs out I may switch to this :) Great review xx

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