Wednesday, 23 January 2013

That’s What She Said: Tangle Teezer!

Tangle Teezer hair brush beauty blog haircare review packaging

You’ve all probably read about the Tangle Teezer at some point, I know I've been eyeing them up for ages but could never really bring myself to spend £10.99 on some plastic. Walking past a hair salon after Christmas, I luckily spotted a few for £6 and had to snap one up.

“Whether you wear long hair, short hair, have highlights, hair extensions, an afro or a weave, the Tangle Teezer will detangle and smooth your hair into superb condition.
The Tangle Teezer dramatically reduces hair breakage, splitting and damage, resulting in beautifully shiny hair. After brushing, your hair will feel silky to the touch and stunning to look at.
The Tangle Teezer is a must-have for Mums! It’s loved by children as it helps them get rid of their painful tangles quickly and effortlessly!”

Now I'm pretty naughty when it comes to brushing my hair. I don’t comb through it when wet as recommended, I have some crappy £1 brush which always pulls tonnes of hairs out, so the Tangle Teezer was totally worth a shot. I have to say, I am really enjoying using it. My hair gets really knotty on the rear crown portion of my head after washing and I’ve always had to yank a brush through it. This glides through so easily visibly reducing hair breakage.

Tangle Teezer hair brush beauty blog haircare review 2

Tangle Teezer hair brush beauty blog haircare review 3

I use this when brushing my hair in the morning also, and it manages to make everything silky smooth. People with thicker hair may have to brush through section by section, but my hair is pretty thin so a few strokes and I'm done. I haven’t come of out this totally breakage free though. I still do get some hairs in the brush and they are actually a pain to remove which is probably the only negative about this product (see below for disgusting hair in brush image haha). The shape takes a little getting used too, it’s pretty large but fits nicely in my hand.

Tangle Teezer hair brush beauty blog haircare review

Overall I’d definitely recommend this over a regular hairbrush as I really have seen visible benefits and results.

You can get the Tangle Teezer for £10.99 online or in store at Boots, coming in a variety of colours and even a few more compact sizes.

Have you ever tried the Tangle Teezer?


PS. I have just posted the details of my Summer in the states over on my Disney Travel Blog if you want to go check out what I will be doing June – August!

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  1. I keep passing by these and wondering if I should pick one up. Think I will next time Im out..I seriously hate brushing my hair lol:)

    Sara x


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