Wednesday, 2 January 2013

That’s What She Said: Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ Perfume Review!

Lady Gaga Fame perfume gift set review beauty blog

By now most people will have seen or smelt Lady Gaga’s first offering to the perfume market, but having picked this up myself in the boxing day sale here’s my take. Now it’s not often I will purchase a scent for myself, in fact barely even once a year. I’m one of those people who you don’t generally tend to buy perfume for unless I ask for it, even though I spritz myself daily. My collection, if it can even be classed as that, consists of around 5 different titles. These generally last me quite a long time, and when I run out of one i shall ask for a new one. It’s a one in one out system (a complete opposite theory stands for my makeup collection). The thing which attracted me to ‘Fame’ was 100% the bottle. I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging. Hell, I don’t like Lady Gaga’s music at all and her image is of no concern to me, so this was one of those “ooooh pretty” moments i often have.

Lady Gaga Fame perfume review beauty blog

The scent is much like every other celebrity perfume out there in all honesty. Lovely smelling, but nothing original. Fruity and Floral with an underlying musk, there really isn’t anything that stands out, which you really would expect coming from someone like Lady Gaga.

The scent is built around three main accords: dark, sensual and light.
The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna, the deadly nightshade possessed by haunted beauties since the 18th century.
From this darkness, the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence, a fusion of dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar.
And lastly, the light accord whispers magnificence. The rich floral layer of crushed Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac embodies timeless beauty.

I’m personally pretty happy with it as I only have one other celeb perfume in the form of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, which is a hell of alot sweeter than Fame. The signature point is the black fluid which, correct me if I'm wrong, I don’t believe has ever seen seen before. I do admit, if this wasn’t on sale I probably wouldn’t have purchased it, but I probably wouldn’t purchase any perfume if it wasn't discounted.

Overall I do like Fame, it’s my ideal kind of scent. A pretty bottle, average wear time and doesn't break the bank. If your looking for a new celebrity fragrance, I would recommend you check this out. If you already own many, you should probably give it a miss.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s first perfume? What’s your favourite celebrity scent?



  1. Ooooo I got this for Xmas, I love it but must admit it was the packaging and black fluid that caught my eye! Not bad for a celebrity fragrance though

  2. I love it. It goes very soft and powdery on me, which is very unusual. I was expecting it to be much heavier, but it was still a nice surprise.

  3. The packaging looks amazing but I'm looking for something.. dark, sensual.. sexy :P I'm seriously considering an older dame, like Shalimar? (do they even sell that anymore?)


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