Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012!

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Hey my lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I’ve been spoilt rotten this year, especially from the boy and my friends! Can you see a reoccurring theme here? Apologies from the terribad image, been so busy/preoccupied so only had a moment yesterday to quickly snap a pic with my phone. Stay tuned for my Sales shopping tomorrow, which i promise will look more presentable!

Disney Villains Bag, Cruella Mug, Villains T-shirt, Paris Scarf, Villains Book, Camcorder, Maleficent Purse, OPI Vintage Minnie Set, Villains Eyeshadow Palette, Game of Thrones First Season, Disney Socks, Game of Thrones Poster, Cinderella Carriage Necklace, Baking Kit, Chocolates, Smellies, Minnie Slippers, Mother Gothel Villains Collectable.

Not pictured I also got Bambi Nightwear, Money, Personalised Dumbo Mug, Ariel Tree Bauble, Veggi Cook-Book, Odeon VIP Vouchers for me and Craig from his mother, Lion King Musical Tickets plus some extras from the boy which haven’t arrived yet apparently!

521331_10151169669816711_227802756_n[Bits from the Boyfriend <3]

I know some people have been funny about showing Christmas gifts, but to be honest I love seeing what was received by others. It’s not bragging in any way and believe me when I say I spent just as much on my friends, family & boyfriend (especially him! He got spoilt by me haha)!

On a different note you can expect to see my sales shopping, Bi-Annual faves, a New Years Eye Makeup look and even a giveaway over the next week, stay tuned <3

What did you receive or give for Christmas?



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    1. I know right haha! I couldn't resist getting even more in the sales either! Love it so much <3


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