Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas 2012 Wishlist!

Hey lovelies! So I did one of these last year and decided to do one again for 2012 as I love noseying at what people are wanting at the moment. Surprisingly there is hardly any beauty related stuff on mine! For once I’m pretty content with my makeup collection, shockhorror!

christmas wish list 2012

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
The main beauty related thing I want this year, having read so many rave reviews I don’t know how long I can resist it’s calls. My skin isn’t looking its best at the moment, so it could really do with that little something to clear and brighten it.

Real Techniques Brushes
I have the stipple brush and love love love it! Need more! Especially the core collection and eye starter set. I know I have a tonne of face and eye brushes, but hey, I'm greedy.

Video Camera
This is one I've asked mum and dad for. As well as aiming to use this to film some makeup tutorials, I mainly want a camcorder for my summer in Florida! To document what I'm going to be doing as a nice thing to look back on and keep people back home updated.

Kindle Fire HD
I have the kindle keyboard and knew I wanted this upgrade as soon as I saw it. Unlikely any time soon, but a girl can hope. A great device to keep all by books as well as being able to use it as a tablet for a very reasonable price.

Anything Disney Related
Says it all really. Ofcourse I’m Disney obsessed, so anything along those line is a much for me at the moment haha!

Leather Jacket (faux)
This beauty is from topshop (£50 at the moment!) and I’ll probably try and persuade the boyfriend to grab this for me as a prezzie, if not I can see myself buying it in the near future. I’m in such a rocker phase on at the moment, and my current leather jacket just doesn't cut it.

Illamasqua Mystery Box
There’s nothing i particularly want makeup wise at the moment, so this box filled with unknown goodies from my favourite brand cannot fail to sate the makeup lover in me right?

Game of Thrones Box Set
Hell just give me anything Game of Thrones related. By far one of my favourite TV shows/book series'! Which is your favourite house? I love the Targaryens and the Lannisters <3

What are you asking for/want this Christmas?



  1. The brushes from Real Techniques are lovely, I'm fairly sure I own all of them and I haven't been disappointed with a single one of them! Especially the buffing brush, it's the absolute best for apply liquid foundation! x

  2. I want the kindle fire too! Ugh my friend has it and it's awesome! I LOVE it! I love disney theme stuff too! What a great wishlist


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