Sunday, 2 September 2012

That’s What She Said: Fyrinnae Pressed Eye-Shadows, First Impressions and Swatches!


Practically everybody who is a fan of Indie cosmetics will have heard of Fyrinnae. Having a worldwide loyal fan base has helped them grow into possibly the most popular “hand-mixed” company around. So you can imagine the excitement when a little while ago the news that they were expanding their line to include pressed eye shadows broke. It has not yet been revealed when their newest offerings will become available, but I was lucky enough to win a twitter RT contest to get an early preview! Now I haven't personally tried Fyrinnae’s loose pigments, so this is a completely unbiased review.



I was sent Immortality and Rapunzel Had Extensions! Unfortunately Rapunzel came smashed and looking a little sorry for itself, the formula looking a little “soft” or like it hasn’t been pressed properly. No problem! I emailed Fyrinnae with my feedback and they said they would send a new one out to me. I will keep you updated to when I get the replacement and what I think of it!

The packaging is nice but I would personally buy these in pan form I think. One thing I do love, is the label! It’s so professional. I didn't think I could get this excited over a sticky bit of paper (not that it even feels like paper).


Back to Immortality! It is described as a rainbow of sparkles in soft black. Such an accurate description. If used over a black base (such as Mac Paintpot in Blackground or a NYX JEP) an intense shade with so many colourful sparkles winking at me is formed. Otherwise, well, a soft black that is perfect for blending or a smoky eye! If creating a look with the latter, pack that colour on there! Don’t tap the brush off or the colour payoff will be a little poor, don't be afraid to get in there as I’ve found the fallout isn’t too bad.

_DSC0202edit[Immortality swatched onto bare skin]_DSC0200edit[Rapunzel Had Extensions swatched onto bare skin]

Of course not being able to resist, I’ve still used Rapunzel! The fallout is immense though. It’s a gorgeous colour so I'm really looking forward to receiving my replacement.
Having this preview has gotten me very excited for the release. I will probably still get bright colours in loose form, but darker and highlight shades I prefer pressed. I cannot wait to make my first order sometime in the near future. Make sure to check out a look I’ve done with both Immortality and Rapunzel which shall be posted tomorrow.

What Fyrinnae colour are you most looking forward to getting in pressed form? Do you prefer loose or pressed?


Edit: Since writing this some more information has been released! Click here to have a look.


  1. Love Immortality! RPE looks very orange in the pressed version vs. the loose.

    1. In the pan its not too orange but on the skin it does have a strong orangey/pinky tone. I didn't manage to capture the ammount of gold shimmer it contains as well boo!

  2. The pressed shadows look lovely, your swatches are really nice!! I'm so excited about their release :)

  3. I have to agree with you. I wish these came in a pan form as I'll end up depotting these. How many pressed shadows will there be?


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