Monday, 27 August 2012

That’s What She Said: Illamasqua Medium Pencils in Errant, Paint & Feisty!


Back in January I picked up three Illamasqua Medium Pencils at IMATS so thought I would let you know what I think about them! I have such a weakness for bright colours where makeup is concerned, eyeliners being one of my biggest cravings. These pencils are suitable for use literally anywhere. Eyes, lips, body, you name it. Though I personally would only need to use them on the eyes and occasionally the lips.


If you have been following me for a time you will probably know Illamasqua are one of my all time favourite makeup brands. Some of their products are absolutely amazing, some others being pretty average. The medium pencils are unfortunately one of the latter for me. Sure the pigmentation is amazing and the formula is soft and creamy but they don’t seem to set on the eye area. If you like to blend out or smudge your eyeliner these will be perfect, but if your like me and want the colour to set and not budge all day, they are no so perfect.

_DSC0064edit[L-R: Feisty, Paint, Errant]

To be honest I would say I like the medium pencils, it’s just I couldn't justify them for the full price when the Urban Decay ones are just as pigmented but have much better staying power. They retail at £13 each but I managed to snag a bargain at IMATS, picking them up for only £2 each. For that price, i wish I would have bought more.


Above is a light swipe after leaving them to set for 5 minuets.

Strong Pigmentation
Good for smudging when doing a smoky eye
Can be used anywhere
Wide range of colours
Isn’t drying when used on the lips

Don’t last all day
Don’t set properly

Overall I personally wouldn’t splash out for a Medium Pencil for the full price but if your looking for a liner that smudges well, you should check these out as the pros far outweigh the cons.

Have you ever tried Illamasqua Medium Pencils before? What is your favourite bright eyeliner?



  1. These look really nice! I don't like the fact they smudge easily though :/


  2. Feisty is amazing! <3 i need a new one haha if you set with powder they dont move or smudge! :D x


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