Saturday, 28 July 2012

That’s What She Said: Lime Crime Magic Dusts!

Heya! This is not going to be so much of a full review, as unfortunately the Lime Crime Magic Dusts are being discontinued so there isn’t too much of a point, but I really wanted to put up a little “show and tell” of swatches though as the colours are stunning! The packaging is pretty damn unique as well.


The 6 colours I picked up in the Space NK sale the other week are Siren, Circus Girl, Medusa, Mischief Managed, Shoe Addict and Dragon Scales.

_DSC0010edit[L-R: Siren, Mischief Managed, Dragon Scales]

_DSC0023edit[L-R: Circus Girl, Medusa, Shoe Addict]

I love that the jars come with sifters! Sure it’s a little more difficult to pick up more colour, but there's alot less spillage. They also contain more than i originally thought as well! Paired with the cute unicorn lids, what's not to love?


[Circus Girl, Medusa, Shoe Addict, Siren, Mischief Managed, Dragon Scales]


The top swatches are applied dry, the bottom with BFTE mixing medium.
The pigmentation is pretty damn good, though what i was most happy with is the even application. I have had problems with loose pigments going on patchy when dry in the past, but these are so smooth! My favourite shades so far have to be Circus Girl and Dragon Scales. I have nothing like them in my makeup collection and Dragon Scales in particular has seen alot of use.

You can find a more neutral look I have done using Lime Crime here and a brighter one here. There are still a few of the shades in this range left in the Lime Crime store, so grab them now while you still can. Use code MAGIC40 for 40% off! I hate that I am on a spending ban until Paris as I so badly want more of these! Curses!

What’s your experience with Lime Crime? Do you have a favourite Magic Dust?



  1. Fantastic colors, it's too bad they are discounting them.

  2. Great swatches!!! Though it's really bad they're discontinueing them!!
    The yellow really stands out and makes me want it haha!!/Azure

  3. Wow they show up really good on you.


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