Sunday, 24 June 2012

That’s What She Said: BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadows!

Something extraordinary happened a few days ago. I went into boots, intending to spend £30 for their summer points event, but i simply couldn't pick £30 worth of things! I just couldn't justify it or felt like i needed anything. I wish i could say the same for online shopping. Over the past few months I have been lusting over so many indie products! Unfortunately I’m trying to save my pennies for Paris, so have resisted the temptations. Luckily, my good friend Katie (whose blog you can view here) had a few spare shadows from well known indie company “Beauty From The Earth”, which she kindly gave me to try out.

_DSC0030edit[L-R: Big Ego, Butt Naked, Lava Momma, Panurple]

First of all I have to say I love the packaging! The silver lids are so cute and original, they will definitely stand out in your collection. The full size jars are $6.50 each with samples being $2, although the website isn't clear on how much product you get in each. I would assume, comparing these to my Sugarpill and Victorian Disco jars, the full sizes contain 1-2 grams of product.


The jars containing sifters is a massive bonus for transportation, as I've found jars without can sometimes come undone and spill product. I have to say though, for application I prefer them without. When applying loose eye shadows, I normally apply them wet (I really need pixie epoxy in my life), so I like to get my brush in there and pick up a decent amount of colour.

_DSC0085edit[L-R: Big Ego, Butt Naked, Lava Momma, Panurple]

Swatches are applied wet using the BFTE Mix and Fix. The top image is taken in sunlight, the bottom in the shade.

The pigmentation of these colours is amazing! Just look at Big Ego and Lava Momma! Have you ever seen a brighter pink?!? I can’t speak for how they blend yet, as haven't tried any of them together, but expect a FOTD with them this week and I shall let you know! Overall I am really happy with what I have tried from BFTE so far, and am 100% going to make an order of my own soon. They are a little more expensive than most indie companies, but shipping is apparently dirt cheap and those pretty jars make it worth the little extra for me!

You can check out Beauty From The Earth here! What's your favourite indie company? Have you ever tried anything from BFTE?



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