Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Makeup Files: Storage #2, Back in the North!

Hey pretties! Life has been pretty hectic recently! I moved back into my parents house 10 days ago for the summer, and have had a massive cleanout! I am a hoarder through and through, so my sister helped me start the daunting task of purging my childhood bedroom. A week, 10 bin bags of rubbish and 7 bin bags of clothes later and I'm nearly complete! I just have to take down alot of posters from the walls and sort out my book/game/DVD shelves then I'm done! I really feel like I'm growing up now. Even though I am nearly 21 and live on my own while at university, I still considered myself abit of a child, but after this massive purge of stuff, I'm starting to feel like an adult.

Anyway! I have a little update to my makeup storage to show you today. My room here is smaller than the one back in Southampton (you can see that post and a more detailed version of where I keep things here), so I’ve had to stack things more.



Hello MCR posters :’) As you can probably tell I haven't changed this room much since I was 16! Makeup wise things are pretty much in the same place with an exception to my eyeliners and mascaras now being in that black stationary holder, my eye and face brushes being separate and the top left drawer under my hair brushes now containing indie eye shadows.



This drawer (second down) is pretty much everything else beauty related, including some makeup palettes, bags and brush rolls that won’t fit on top. I use old glossyboxes to separate things so its kind of organized, the things I use more often are easily grabbed anyway! My daily face products are kept in the bathroom, but i am going to do a whole separate post on my skin routine soon, so look out for that!

This is pretty much it! I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of beauty products I'm buying at the moment, and it’s working so far! If you would like to see anything in more detail leave a comment below and I’ll happily elaborate =]

Have do you store your makeup? I love to see other peoples collections!



  1. My makeup is a bit of a mess at the mo so I need to sort it out! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love your setup, I am always curious to see others! I am a complete mess and all over the place so mine is not that pretty heh.


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