Sunday, 3 June 2012

Current Hair Care Routine!

Hey m’dears! What do you think of the new layout? I thought it was about time I made a few changes. It’s not 100% finished, but it’s getting there! Anyway, todays post is going to be about hair care. Now my hair hasn’t been in amazing condition for a very long time. I’ve been dying/bleaching it since I was 13, and really don't look after it as well as I should. Hopefully, that will change this coming summer, though I doubt it haha!


The Wash
Currently I’m using two brands to actually wash my hair. Naked “Intensive Care” is my primary shampoo and conditioner with Alberto Balsam being used when I’ve just dyed my noggin as it gives a better lather. What I like about these Naked products is how lovely it makes my hair feel when I've gotten out of the shower and am doing my aftercare bits. They’ve also lasted for absolutely ages, way longer than when I was using Aussie. Another bonus, they’re not tested on animals and claim to be 97% natural. As for the Alberto Balsam shampoo, it smell divine! My mum buys these back home, and they are amazing for the price. I’d happily pay £1 just to have this in my cupboard.


The Colour
When It comes to dying my hair, I have two main methods. When the colour has started to fade a little I use some Alberto Balsam conditioner mixed with my hairdye, leave it on for 10 minuets then wash. This just gives a nice top-up keeping the colour fresher for longer. Every month I use a few dollops of Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink to make it vibrant again. I’m probably going to try special effects dye after this has ran out, as I’ve heard it lasts for ages. What I forgot to photograph is the bleach I use to dye my roots. Its a 6% peroxide solution and white powder by a brand called clynol, which I purchased from a beauty supply store. I bleach my roots approximately every 2-3 months as I’m generally lazy and cannot be bothered most of the time haha!


The Aftercare
After getting out of the shower and towel drying, I apply two squirts of VO5 Miracle Concentrate. I don’t think I could be without oils now, they leave my hair feeling incredibly soft (you can see a review of the VO5 oil here). A squirt of Aussie’s Take The Heat leave-in cream is next. I’ve not noticed a difference since starting to use this to be honest, but I like to think it gives my hair some sort of protection against heat. I don’t use a heat protection spray, which I really should but just never got around to buying one. Bad bad me. I try not to straighten my hair all the time if I can help it, though usually do if I’m heading out somewhere. I don’t use any sort of hairspray or gel either. I hate the feel of them.

So, this is my hair care routine in a nutshell! I’ve kept it as short as possible as this is really just the beginning of my “I want nice hair” journey! If you guys have any product recommendations for me, leave a comment and I shall check it out.



  1. New Follower! I have a really lazy haircare routine which consists of Herbal Essences shampoo but hey, it works :D The oil looks fab though, so i have to check it out! Thanks :) x
    PS. my GFC tag is ms.americanpie haha


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