Monday, 7 May 2012

That’s What She Said: Victorian Disco World of Lipcraft Lipgloss in Pally Heals!

I’m not much of a lip-gloss girl really, as I don't like the sticky texture some can have (though some of my favourites are a little sticky). Mouth full of hair? No Thanks! So when I do find a lip-gloss I like, I'll exhaust it very quickly! One such product is the Victorian Disco Lipcraft Lipglosses! Come on, more Warcraft themes! Your really spoiling us here aren't you VD <3


Pally Heals* is described as a light pink with a golden duo chrome flash, the colour is absolutely gorgeous. Basic yet complex!


I'm actually very surprised and pleased with the wear time of this beauty. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips! Impressive for a gloss. I don't even notice its on to be honest, the texture is just so smooth and moisturising.

[Top – Without Flash, Bottom – With Flash]

Sorry for the dry lips above haha!
They come in a tube with a doe foot applicator (the samples coming in a 5g jar). There is also a choice of what flavour you want your gloss to be! You can get the full size (5.9ml) here for $8.
I am 100% going to be ordering full sizes of Buffs Plz and Space Goat some time soon! Pretty pretty!


*PR Sample
Disclaimer: This gloss was sent to me by Victorian Disco but this in no way effects my opinion of the product, I am always honest.

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  1. Ooo pretty, I can't wait to get paid! I have been dying to order one of these babies <3


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