Saturday, 12 May 2012

That’s What She Said: OCC Lip Tars in Anime, Hoochie & Cha Cha!

Not the easiest to apply, but I really don’t know what I would do without OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tars when it comes to a bold lip.


With shades ranging from wearable to the damn right crazy, there is definitely something for everyone. The application is tricky for first time users. You will need a lip brush or the colour will just go all over the place and look a mess. Once on thought they don't budge for hours.

The packaging is a sleek tube each containing 8ML of product, though recently OCC has changed the look of the Lip Tars so they have a finer nozzle (amongst a few other changes).

_DSC0081edit _DSC0100edit

I picked up three of these babies at IMATS in February and oh my! I wish I would have gotten some more.
Anime – A seriously shocking bright pink.
Hoochie – A deep purple.
Cha Cha – A light peach.
All the colours can be sheered out depending on how much you use.


Out of all three Anime is my most worn though Hoochie is probably my favourite. I never wear Cha Cha because honestly, its not my colour. They don’t dry the lips at all and just generally look and feel absolutely stunning. I will 100% be picking up more of these when I can spare the pennies.

Us Brits can get the Lip Tars here at £9.50 for the new packaging =]
You can see a FOTD of me wearing Anime here and one of me wearing Hoochie here!
What's your favourite OCC Lip Tar colour?



  1. I would love to try OCC Lip Tars..One of these days:)
    Sara xx

  2. I haven't actually tried any lip tars but I see them all the time they look like great products. I'm loving the pink one!

  3. I really don't have a favourite but that dark purple is divine.

  4. I have a collection of shades of red and pink. I really had no idea what to do with it.

    Thanks love.

  5. I really want more! Cute cosmetics do them for £8.99 and free postage! I ordered Grandma from there and got it the next day! Was awesome! xox


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